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Save a Tree

T.O. Pallet strongly believes in protecting the environment. “SAVE A TREE” is our motto. We have earned a reputation in the pallet industry by leading the way to help preserve and protect the environment, so please donate unwanted pallets for recycling and “LET’S ALL DO OUR PART”. T.O Pallets is also dedicated to CUSTOMER SERVICE, by providing quality products in a timely fashon with “ON TIME DELIVERY” “TIMING IS EVERYTHING” as our saying goes.

About T.O. Pallets

T.O.Pallets was established in 2000. Within 5 years, we doubled the size of our warehouse and manufacturing facilities. We recycle pallets, manufacture new pallets and custom make pallets to the specifications of our customers. T.O.Pallets is a member of Brampton Board of Trade and member of Canadian wood Packaging Agency. We are approved from CWPCP for Heat Treated program with the stamp of ISPM 15 certified by CFIA.

Trees We Saved by using Customized Pallets

1 Light-Up Icon below stands for 10000 pallets we manufactured

1 Leaf Icon below stands for 10000 trees we saved

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